As winter finally seems to be coming to a close, New York City was blessed with a one-day blizzard to round out this fake spring/winter weather we’re having! Every year it seems like we have a week of ‘fake winter’ where we get a week of 65-degree weather, followed by a blizzard. Keeping with the traditions of the season, we got it. The snow came and went in less than 48 hours, but Juilliard students we’re lucky enough to have a SNOW DAY! Below are some of the good and bad things of having a surprise snow day.


GOOD: Extra Time

Our snow day fell on a Wednesday which is usually one of my easier days in terms of classes and other obligations. This particular Wednesday, however, was jam packed, and I was nervous about completing all of the assignments and projects I was working on. Because of this, I was thrilled for the extra time to work on assignments. Wednesdays at Juilliard are usually reserved for the once-per-week classes, which means that this snow day bought me an extra week to do most of the assignments I needed to have done. This was a major relief and I was able to sleep well that night!


BAD: Procrastination


All good things must come to an end, right? With an extra week on my hands, I had an extra week to put off the assignments I needed to do. Instead of doing the assignments I needed to do with my extra time, I had a little too much fun and ended up putting off the work until the last minute (again). I’m quickly learning that it’s better to appreciate any opportunity for extra work time during the week that way you can enjoy your weekends and not be so stressed for the coming week. Better luck next time, I guess.


GOOD: More Practice Time


Now that I had all this time to myself, I SHOULD have been practicing. In theory, I had this time to work on some music, but it seems like everyone else had the same idea (read below). In a perfect world, I would have gotten up early and gotten my practicing done for the day, but that’s not really how it worked out for me.


BAD: Practice Room Traffic


Ah, the dreaded practice room pileup. Because of the snow, everyone was off, which means everyone wanted to practice. Practice rooms were booked at maximum capacity all day long which means it was incredibly hard to find a space (music school, am I right?). Not to say that I was particularly serious about spending my snow day indoors, but, I COULD have!


GOOD: Fun in NYC!


Like I said, I had a little too much fun on our snow day! If I haven’t mentioned it before, I LOVE going to see Broadway shows and Opera in my free time (It’s like all I do). When the opportunity to get tickets showed itself, I jumped at it. My friends and I saw not one, but TWO Broadway shows in one day… sort of by accident! The first was Tina Fey’s brand new musical, Mean Girls, which is based on the 2003 movie. The show offers a discount for theatre fans who show up to the theatre on Wednesday morning wearing pink (“On Wednesdays we wear pink” is one of the more famous lines from the movie). My friends and I decided to do it, but due to the high popularity, we had to arrive at about 5am and sit in the cold until 10am. A little extreme, but we got the tickets for the evening performance that day. Another Broadway show, My Fair Lady (my all-time favorite) was offering discounts to students due to snow cancellations. I just happened to wander over there to inquire about cheap tickets (I love a good discount) and they were selling them! The show, which is sold out pretty solidly through June, was amazing and filled me with so much joy!


BAD: Where did all my money go?


The only downside to this day of fun, and it’s barely a downside, was the amount of money I spent. My Mean Girls ticket was $42 and my ticket to My Fair Lady was $32. In terms of Broadway ticket prices, that ain’t half bad, but I still did spend $74 that day. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it (it SO was), but it’s a lot of money on a relatively small budget.


In Conclusion, I was glad to have a mini-break in the middle of a long Juilliard week, and would gladly welcome another! It can be difficult though for some students. I’m done with Juilliard performances until summer, but several third-year students had recitals planned for that evening and Juilliard dancers had their Spring Repertoire performance which was scheduled to open that day. Imagine how difficult it is for someone who worked so hard on their show to have it cancelled for snow. That was the biggest bummer of the day, however, all of the shows were rescheduled, and the dancers put on an amazing spring performance this weekend!

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

SNOW DAY! Gains and losses.

SNOW DAY! Gains and losses.