I am so fortunate in my life to have been accepted to the schools I applied to including UCLA, USC, Manhattan School of Music, NEC, Juilliard and others. Though I am absolutely thrilled with my choice of attending Juilliard, the process of deciding was definitely not easy.


Once I found out I had actually gotten into Juilliard, the school of my dreams, everything went completely off course. My entire life was about to change and I didn't even know it. Prior to being accepted, I really thought I would most likely go to UCLA and study classical as well as non classical voice. However, once I was accepted, I knew that if I chose to come to this school, I would have to make the decision to make classical voice my number one priority. I spent weeks with my parents going over the schools and trying to figure out the best decision for me.


Here are some of the factors my parents and I considered while choosing my school:

1) Teacher - I wanted to find a great teacher to study with in order to continue to progress and solidify my technique.


2) Distance - I am from California so moving away from my family and friends was a huge deal. I never thought I would move away for college because I knew I was going to miss my family way too much. However, with multiple Skype calls every day, I am able to keep in touch and have connections to home, not to mention visits during break. While I do miss my family, I do not regret moving across the entire country to New York because Juilliard is giving me the best music education I could have ever had.


3) Affordability - Scholarships are an important decision maker because in order to not end up being stuck with student loans for the rest of life, it is important to have the ability to pay your tuition.


4) Reputation - Juilliard is ultimately one of the best schools for connections and leaving a good impression. Telling someone that you attend Juilliard clearly doesn't get you every job, but it definitely helps in confirming your training when applying for competitions/programs and looking for work.


5) Opportunities - The last and one of the most important factors that helped me decide on Juilliard was the long list of opportunities and perks that I get from attending. Every school has its various benefits, however, for me, working with coaches from the Metropolitan Opera and from various programs that I am applying to was very important for me.

All in all, I think I made the correct choice and I hope this blog helps you with making your choice! I wish you all luck with your decisions!

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Why I Chose Juilliard

Why I Chose Juilliard

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions