Spring Break… It’s Finally Here!

Spring Break… It’s Finally Here!

Y’all… It’s here. Spring Break… Finally… We’ve been waiting…. For so long…. Goodness… On that happy note, I’m doing a top 5 Spring Break Activities list to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming two weeks.

1.        Sleep! Oh yes… We’re talking 13+ hours a night. This is no joke. I will be knocked out, on my 8th REM cycle, and it’ll be 3:00pm. The position of the sun in the sky is irrelevant, because I will be unconscious!


2.         When I’m not sleeping, I will be assisting my sister in gingerly removing the car from the ditch in the driveway. Honestly, this happens more than it should. Luckily enough it’s nothing a bit of chain and torque can’t fix!


3.         Allowing my cat to delicately assist me with the careful act of smell-testing the piano keys. It’s a very important task that requires the utmost skill. I’m honored that she takes her precious, precious time to bless my keyboard so that the notes I play may ring clear and true.


4.         In order to make sure everyone feels the love, I will be making sure to take an absurd number of selfies with my dog. Because honestly why else would you have a dog?! Additionally, he’s the best model I could ever hope for. Always camera ready, always beautiful. He’s the best in the business. 


5.         Last but not least. I’ll be doing a bit of light reading. Reminding myself to keep things cool, calm, and collected as I watch the precious few days of spring break slipping away. It’s always good to remind ourselves (especially during stressful times such as audition season!!!) to keep things in a clear perspective.



Don’t take things to seriously! Take it easy! Life is but a dream! Take breaks when you can, and when you can’t then just be sure to lean in to your work so that by the time the next opportunity for a break comes, you’ll be ready for it! Thanks so much for reading, and be sure to check out some of the other great posts put out by my fellow bloggers!


~Alexander Sargent~

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