After months of hard work, performances, and auditions, our saving grace (A.K.A. Spring Break) is right around the corner! Time for warmer weather, free time, and lovely naps. It is also time for some of you new incoming students to audition here at Juilliard!! YAY!!

My top three tips I would give in order to have a great audition here are:

1) Breathe: You've worked hard to get there and now it's time to relax and trust your amazing gifts. Your hard work and preparation will show in the audition room and you should just be proud of how far you have already come.

2) Show your personality. I think it is so important to show your love for performing and your own choices within your music as you audition. I have always been sure to try and show myself through my performing whether it is by using a personal experience to influence my emotion in the words I am singing or by molding a phrase to move towards what I find to be the most important musical moments within my pieces.

3) Enjoy the day! One of the greatest moments I had while auditioning for Juilliard is taking a minute or two to think about where I was and that I was auditioning for the best music school in the world in one of the most wonderful and artistic cities in the world.  


Before this break, I had many things that I had to get done, one of which was my first undergraduate opera at Juilliard. "The Merry Wives of Windsor" was a wonderful project in which I spent a month and a half working with extremely talented people on beautiful music and wonderful staging which brought the entire work to life.


 I was also thrilled to perform with my singer colleagues in our 2nd year Songbook recital. I couldn't be more happy with how much progress we have all made as a class and I am so excited for our futures. It was a wonderful night filled with beautiful music.


Take this time, as I will, to refresh, rejuvenate and prepare for the remainder of the semester. It is so important to take care of yourself and make sure that you are healthy in order to be happy.


Wishing everyone a wonderful break!

Till next time!



Spring Break Approaches

Spring Break Approaches

Spring Break!

Spring Break!