Resources for advice, support, etc, especially in relation to my art.

Resources for advice, support, etc, especially in relation to my art.


I am thankful for very many things that I am very fortunate to have in my life, however, I am most privileged to have been born to the most wonderfully loving, intelligent, driven, and supportive parents ever. Seriously. They are from mars or something. Without them, I would not only have never been born, but also I would never have become the woman I am today.


I spent many a night as a young teenager trying to decipher my mom's meaning behind her saying "because I said so". I remember my extreme frustration because at the time, it seemed like a completely unsubstantial reason as to why I couldn't do something or why I had to do something. Now, I realize that this reason is more substantial than any other because it comes from her own experience. Having my parents as my personal guides throughout my life and even still today has been an ultimate blessing that has led me to become a better person.


The one thing I believe is essential to a successful career is a village of what I call "reliables". These are people that no matter what, will always be available to you and will never look to help you in exchange for their own personal gain. Now, as great as this sounds, these people are incredibly difficult to find and most of the time take years to truly become a part of your personal village. My parents were always a part of this village from the beginning and even in confrontations and disagreements, I always knew that they would always stand beside and love me no matter what.


When I made the official decision to become a singer, my parents were immediately supportive and did everything in their power to support me, guide me, and keep me sane. This was so crucial in my development into the artist I am now and still through my progress into the artist I am becoming.


Apart from my parents and my personal village of people, I also believe that every person who walks into my life can function as a resource for advice or support. Even people who have not been so good to me in my life or that have rejected me have taught me some of the most important lessons of my life which made me stronger in pursuit of my career.

All in all, it is important to see every person you meet as a resource of a lesson to be learned. This way, you never miss an opportunity to learn something important or life-changing.

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