New Year: Short term goals for the spring semester

New Year: Short term goals for the spring semester


In the New Year, I have a few goals/new year resolutions for the spring semester. In order to prepare, I created this video to organize what I want to get done in this new year.

These resolutions are very important to me because I feel that they will keep me organized, productive, and successful in the new semester.

My top three priorities for this year are:

1) Grades

I have been doing really well in my classes, but I am always trying to improve and learn as much as I can. This semester, I am going to try to get my work done quickly, and try to get good grades on my assignments.


2) Performances

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to perform much more than usual this year. This semester, I will continue to do my usual performances as well as my very first opera at Juilliard. YAY! Ultimately, I will keep doing my best to learn a lot of new repertoire. Already, I have put on a recital and am now learning a duet and new arias and art songs for upcoming performances.


3) Networking

This semester I want to meet many new people by getting outside of Juilliard and out into the city. It's been such an amazing experience collaborating last year with so many of my friends and many new people I have made connections with. I want to continue to grow my network of people that I know in order to create, perform, and learn more.


Good luck to everyone out there who is trying to set goals for the semester. Keeping a positive attitude and keeping on top of your goals will lead to a victorious and industrious year.            

Thank you so much for reading!

Till next time,


Short-Term Goals

Short-Term Goals