Snapshots of 2017

Snapshots of 2017

Just like every year, this year was full of countless ups and downs, and as we begin 2018, I can’t help but feel exhausted. I’m happy seeing all the growth and progress I’ve made this year, even though it pushed me to my limits. Of everything that happened this year, here are some of my personal favorite moments:


-returned to New York for my second year at Juilliard


-spent a summer hiking, exploring, and making music with old and new friends


-went hiking again a week after running my first half marathon


-tried Mike’s Pastry cannoli for the first time (as this blurry picture shows, I was very excited)


-had real beignets in New Orleans!


-grew closer to the people who matter the most in my life!


Aside from all of the musical and life experience I attained, I also found myself at the end of 2017 with snapshots in my mind of simple but beautiful moments captured during a stressful, tiring, and busy year. Here’s to collecting more special memories in 2018!

Back at it Again

Back at it Again

Semester close – a letter.

Semester close – a letter.