Year 2 - Week ONE:  Highs, Lows, and In-betweens.

Year 2 - Week ONE: Highs, Lows, and In-betweens.

The first week of school is one of the hardest weeks of the academic year. The transition from summer to school year can be a challenge, and this year has been no exception. Below are some highlights, lowlights, and in-betweens of first week of classes (YEAR TWO!)



So much to talk about here, mainly, opera rehearsals, new classes, and a bigger dorm!

Opera Rehearsals


I’m so excited to be in Benjamin Britten’s The Burning Fiery Furnace this semester, marking my Juilliard Opera debut! My first week has been full of rehearsals for this challenging and exciting piece. I am so looking forward to sharing the stage with some of my close friends and new colleagues at Juilliard this November!

New Classes


New year, new classes! Last fall I was so nervous to begin my first week of classes, but this year I’m feeling a lot more confident. It’s great to feel at-home at the Juilliard School and be able to walk confidently into my first classes of the year. So far my classes have been challenging, but manageable. I feel much more certain in my abilities and my improved time-management skills.

Bigger Dorm


Arguably the best part of my first week – NEW DORM! Generally, freshman get dorms that are a bit smaller than some of the older students, so now that I am a sophomore, my dorm is MUCH bigger. Last year was a great learning lesson in how to share and co-exist in a small space, but I am so glad to have a bigger room this year!



There aren’t many, but there are a few!

Messy Room


Last year I drove to New York City with my family and brought all of my things home to move in. Between my first and second year, I spent quite a bit of time at home in Michigan, so I kept most of my stuff in New York in storage. Because my family didn’t come to move me in year, I had to do all of the unpacking myself which took a loooooong time. We’re just over three weeks into the school year now and my room is still a mess! This has definitely added a layer of stress of the start of the year, but I’m (finally) almost settled!

Early Mornings, Late Nights


Oh, Summer! — I went to bed every night at a reasonable time, I woke up refreshed – COME BACK!!! One thing I did not miss was the early-mornings and the late-nights doing homework. On a positive note, I am lucky enough to start my day at 11am twice a week, which makes the busy schedule a little more manageable.



It ain’t good, it ain’t bad, it just… is what it is

Busy Days

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with busy days. As much as I would love to sit around all day and watch Netflix, I am happy to be busy with exciting projects and classes. Even if it means 12 or 13 hour days, late-night rehearsals on Fridays, and lots of practicing, I wouldn’t trade the busy schedule. I really feel like I’m learning a lot.

Up, Down, & Around

Up, Down, & Around

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