It's application season! 

It's a pretty stressful time for students around the country (and world, I think?)!  Don't worry, I completely understand!  


You have the application for your dream school (Juilliard, amirite?) on your computer or in your hands right now, don't you? 

That "SUBMIT" button seems like the hardest thing in the world to click!  

Thoughts are racing through your head: 

"Did I finish all the questions?" 

"Did I leave something out??" 

"I REALLLLLY hope I get in!!" 

Trust me, when I finally just submitted my application for undergrad, it was the biggest relief, even though the waiting is the hard part. But don't worry, the wait isn't as long as you think!  

I'm currently in my final year of undergrad at Juilliard, so naturally I have the choice to apply for a higher degree or even switch majors/instruments!  

To answer your question, yes I did apply to Juilliard for grad school. The process for applying to continue at Juilliard was really simple, which was definitely a relief!  

Good luck to you and your college career, I hope it works out for ya! 

Performing and Auditioning

Performing and Auditioning

Application Season… The Most Festive Time of the Year!

Application Season… The Most Festive Time of the Year!