Thanksgiving Break and Fall Celebrations

Thanksgiving Break and Fall Celebrations

Thanksgiving break was literally a blessing sent from heaven above. During this time I slept way too late, ate way too much food, and then I got as much done as possible before classes started back up.

My top 5 moments from this break were:



Yes, I did in fact order an entire dominos pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, and an order of buffalo hot wings. I REGRET NOTHING! It was so nice to take some time to myself to relax with a Netflix show and some yummy food.


2) Going to see Madame Butterfly with my friend Jack Kay at the Met!


Any time I get the opportunity to see an opera at the Met is a good time, so I was super excited and grateful when I was given tickets to an opera by one of my most favorite composers, Giacomo Puccini. I had not had the opportunity to see this opera before so I was really happy to have the opportunity to go during my off time.


3) Having some much needed me time.   


During break, the majority of students travel home to spend time with their families but since I live all the way in LA, I stay here and enjoy some nice quiet time to relax and get some much needed rest after all the studying and working.


4) Performing!


During the break, I was able to go out to a hospital and perform for the patients there. It was very lovely to be able to share art during the holidays and the people I performed with were so talented! One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with artists from different divisions and we were able to have a pianist, two actors, a dancer, and myself for this performance. It was very special and heartwarming!


5) Christmas Preparations!


What Thanksgiving means to some people: Time to eat turkey, give thanks, and spend time with family.

What Thanksgiving means to other people: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!

As soon as Thanksgiving ended, I believe I saw Christmas decorations go up around the city the very next day. I love seeing the changing storefronts, music selections, and overall spirits of the city. I am so excited to enjoy cookies, eggnog and (hopefully) some gifts!



Till next time,



Thanksgiving Hues

Thanksgiving Hues