Performing and Auditioning

Performing and Auditioning

At this point in the semester we are in a time of many performances and preparations before finals. In the last week, I have had amazing experiences performing with a Gluck group for patients at a rehab facility and also performing modern improvised classical music in a stunning church.


Since I am going to be singing for more auditions soon, I want to give you three tips that I have learned in order to have more successful auditions.

1) Be prepared!!

I know this sounds like an obvious point, but when I say prepared, I mean REALLY prepared. It is so easy to have a little slip up just because you didn't go through your prepared material that one last time. In an audition, nerves are built up, you are trying to present your craft as best as you can and sometimes, autopilot just takes over. In that case, being well prepared is crucial to having a successful audition so that regardless of what happens, you are able to keep going or easily get back on track. Focus is key.

2) Breathe, there are plenty of other opportunities

Every audition or final performance you do is a chance to see how you have progressed in your craft. These are the only times that you will be performing to your best ability and where you will get to hear some of your best work. Regardless of this fact, if something doesn't go exactly as you had hoped, IT'S OKAY!!! Just breathe, and remind yourself that you are a student ALWAYS! There is no reason to feel bad about an audition not going well because you are going through a process that everyone else is also going through right along with you. It's important to breathe and stay calm in order to give a strong audition, and trust me, no one is waiting for you to walk in the door and fail. THEY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! Believe it or not, they are actually holding these auditions BECAUSE they want people to succeed. :)


3) Really LOVE your auditions

Yes. I really mean that. This is not a drill. LOVE YOUR AUDITIONS. Your auditions are your time and if you learn to love your time, the audition will be that much easier. Think about the fact that you are doing exactly what you love to do and that you are presenting what you work hard at to people who are giving you an opportunity to show off your stuff. On top of that, if you do super well, you can even get a job or an admission. For example, when I came for my audition here at Juilliard, I knew that this was my last college audition I would have to do. I also thought about the fact that no matter what happens, I am getting to sing in front of some of the most important members of the music world. This might seem scary, but actually, because I put in the work, I walked into my Juilliard audition confident, ready, and at ease. I am not saying I wasn't nervous because COME ON, it's JUILLIARD, but I let my love for singing and my excitement for my future take over and even though I didn't find out until much later about my results, I left the audition absolutely thrilled because I was prepared, I sounded good to myself, and I enjoyed the opportunity to perform.


I hope these tips will help some of you because it's so important to feel confident and happy in auditions. A few other side tips I would give are:

- Bring water

- Make a checklist of what you need


-Sleep before the audition

-You are already golden for showing up and being inspired to audition

-Smile and walk with confidence

-Don't worry about what the "judges" think, EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION



"I am still learning."

               -Michelangelo, age 87


I hope you enjoyed reading.

Till next time,



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