Ay yi yi! Boy, do I know about Artist's Block all too well! Here are a few ways I experience Artist's Block, and then a few ways I deal with it: 

Sometimes, I'm practicing and I can't really figure out/decide what to work on next... 


Other times, I'm trying to compose a song and I can't figure out how I want the melody to sound, or what lyrics I want to use: 


And sometimes, I'm arranging a song that's already been written but I can't decide how I want to bring my flavor to it: 

Here are a few ways I deal with artist's block: 


1.     I listen to music! 

Believe it or not, listening to music helps my create my own music when I'm feeling stuck, depending on the style/genre I'm writing in.  


2.     I go for a walk

Sometimes, getting my body moving helps getting my brain, ears and heart moving (the three things I use to write my music).  


3.     I take a nap! 

Other times, I'm just tired and my brain is on overload. So, usually taking a nap does the trick! 



When it comes to making/writing music, I never really like to force anything, so if nothing speaks to me after a while, I never really hesitate to just call it a day and try again the next day.  

Happy writing! 


Artistic Block Remedies

Artistic Block Remedies

Art Block

Art Block