World’s Most Uneventful Halloween! (WITH GIFS!)

World’s Most Uneventful Halloween! (WITH GIFS!)

Happy November! Today’s blog is a list of all the fun things I DIDN’T do on Halloween this year and all of the boring stuff I DID do! Halloween is an incredibly fun time of year when you don’t have responsibilities – usually I love to celebrate (mostly by eating a lot of candy) but this year I was thrown a few curveballs! Enjoy my Halloween (with GIFS!).

Got Sick!


This year, my body decided Halloween was a great time to get sick! I’ve been working overtime trying to balance school, opera rehearsals, and work study, so my body finally gave out. I spent most of the day before (Monday) in health services and Halloween (Tuesday) in bed recovering! Such a great start to my day!


Cue Sad Music:



Called my Mom!


The good thing about being sick on Halloween was that I was forced to take a day off from the busy schedule. This means I had an opportunity to call my parents for the first time in a while! I usually try to talk to them every few days, but sometimes when it gets really busy, I can’t always do that. I was glad to get to chat with them for a while!


Did Homework/Studied for Midterms!


Gone are the Elementary School days where they didn’t give homework on Halloween. Unfortunately, college doesn’t stop on fun holidays. I spent a lot of time this Halloween doing homework and studying for my midterms this week! I know, SO FUN!!!


Ate Dinner!


The fun never stops on Halloween! I didn’t have much of an appetite that day because I was still sick, but I did manage to get myself down to the cafeteria for dinner! My gourmet meal included chicken noodle soup and a bag of Sun chips! MMMMM, nutritious!


Went to Bed Early!


To top off my uneventful day, I decided to hit the sack early. After my wild night in, I think I was in bed at around 10:30pm. I know what you’re thinking! Ryan, you had the best Halloween ever!

Have a great week!



Mid semester... mid term... and more than midway through Juilliard!

Mid semester... mid term... and more than midway through Juilliard!