Art Block

Art Block


Art Block: it’s a real thing. You’re tired, uninspired, and the last thing you want to do is be art-y. This happens a lot. As artists, people sometimes assume that your lives come without challenges. Though we are passionate about our art form, it doesn’t mean we go without artistic obstacles. Below are some things I do to get around artist blocks.


Change Perspective


The majority of my artistic blocks come from the feeling of stale-ness. Sometimes when you sing a piece of music over and over, it becomes stale and it feels like a chore to perform. When this happens to me I try to freshen it up and try change my perspective. Starting with the song’s text I like to go back through and reread the words to see if I can find a fresh new meaning or interpretation. Often times I don’t get every angle of a text on the first go around. This helps to make the piece feel fresh and exciting again.


Question Everything!


Well, not really, but it is important to ask yourself questions when working on vocal repertoire. Sometime when I hit a block it’s because the song isn’t right for me. It can be a matter of the piece sitting in a funky spot in my voice. Not every piece will be perfect for every voice, so occasionally it’s best to move on to something that will suit you better!


Consult my Voice Teacher


Your private teacher is a great resource for getting through artistic blocks. He or she is your number one artistic support system. Many times my teacher has helped me through blocks with encouraging words or insight. Someone with more experience is likely to have gone through similar blocks and can give you advice on how they overcome them.


Take a Break


Exhaustion is another cause of artistic obstacles. Often times when I’m feeling stuck, it’s because I’m overworked and tired. Every once in a while you need to say go to bed early and work it out another time. You can’t be at 100% all the time. Everyone has bad days, and occasionally it’s better to sleep it off and try again tomorrow!



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