Additional Fields

Additional Fields

My entire life literally revolves around my passion for singing, however, that isn't to say I don't love doing so many other things in life. Many times it can be so easy to become consumed by your passion for your primary skill. In high school, for example, I often found myself daydreaming of finally beginning my studies that pertain to my singing career. Despite my dreams though, I still managed to get good grades, be a part of two sports teams at my school, and participate in all the events that weren't necessarily related to my singing. I think it is so important to be well-rounded in life and experience all kinds of different things in order to live a full life.

The three fields that interest me most outside of my major at Juilliard include:

1) Basketball and volleyball

As I mentioned earlier, back in high school I was on my school's basketball and volleyball teams. Being 6'0 tall, it wasn't too long before I learned to be strong, jump high, and work with my team in order to be a good player. I appreciated having the opportunity to learn these two sports because basketball taught me that it is important to "pass the ball" both in the game and in real life, and volleyball taught me that it's important to be ready at all times to "catch the ball" and let my team know that I am going for it. (Also important is not to "drop the ball")


2) Karate

I am still absolutely obsessed with karate. I practiced karate for 13 years and taught it when I received my black belt for 2.5 years. I loved the fire that woke up in me whenever I would spar with another partner, perform a karate form, or break a wooden board with my foot or elbow. If I wasn't pursuing singing professionally, I probably would have been teaching karate and studying to become a psychologist... But why not do it all?!


3) Teaching and entrepreneurship

Throughout my life, I have always loved to teach and have always wanted to be my own boss. When I was in elementary school, instead of going to the playground, I would go to the special education classrooms to have my lunch and read to the kids. Even as young as I was, it brought me joy and I loved to see the looks on the kids' faces when I came in every day. Also, as a kid and even now, I always thought of ways to do business. When I was in fourth grade, I managed to catch a lizard outside of my house and sell it to a kid for $10. After that sale, I began selling lizards to everyone.


All in all, these additional fields and others that I explored throughout my life all helped me learn skills that help me even in my life today. I still use the mottos of not "dropping the ball" when a team depends on me and also "passing the ball" to work with others. I also still draw up the fire from karate in order to sing arias with passion, excitement, and good stamina. And finally, I use my business sense and love for teaching in order to teach people in the community about music and give music lessons, as well as create project ideas using my business skills that I have picked up along the road. This is why it is so important to stay open and available to all of the opportunities we have in life to live and learn so that we can use all of our skills to open better doors for ourselves in our lives.


Till next time!



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