Art Block

Art Block: it’s a real thing. You’re tired, uninspired, and the last thing you want to do is be art-y. This happens a lot. As artists, people sometimes assume that your lives come without challenges. Though we are passionate about our art form, it doesn’t mean we go without artistic obstacles.

Artist Block

When I am feeling burnt out or overwhelmed I try to put myself in an environment
which is the furthest thing from a studio. I usually go to nature.

Hitting the Wall

We’re starting to approach the end of the semester, but most of us are already running on fumes after weeks of concerts and exams and recordings.  It’s hard to stay motivated with so many obligations and the promise of a break so near, but instead of burrowing under the covers and hibernating my problems away, here’s what I do to keep inspired.

Creativity is Complicated

Creativity is complicated. There’s just no getting around it. How one manifests thought and emotion into action is as enigmatic and mysterious as how I manage to get out of bed each morning. We just don’t fully understand how it happens!

Mid-semester, Midterms, Middle of Tech Week

It’s hard to believe this year is already more than half over. The middle of the semester means Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, but it also means a lot of stress. The mid-semester, midterms, and in my case, middle of tech week all fell on the same week! Fittingly, I thought I’d talk about managing all of these things!


How does a Juilliard Drama student swim in a sea of work within a 13-hour day schedule? We just wrapped up our third-year production of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls last October 22, 2017. The week after, we began rehearsals for our next project, Queens Boulevard by Charles “Chuck” Mee. Currently, we have just wrapped up our table work for the said play and we begin to work on our feet this week.

World’s Most Uneventful Halloween! (WITH GIFS!)

Happy November! Today’s blog is a list of all the fun things I DIDN’T do on Halloween this year and all of the boring stuff I DID do! Halloween is an incredibly fun time of year when you don’t have responsibilities – usually I love to celebrate (mostly by eating a lot of candy) but this year I was thrown a few curveballs!

Mid-Semester Mayhem

It seems that there’s never a moment to catch a breather at Juilliard, but somehow the semester is already halfway through and so many exciting things have happened.

Midterms, mid-semester, mid….

For most students, midterms consisted of staying up until ungodly hours of the night, drinking way too much coffee, cramming those final music examples into your head for music history, and learning those last few German vocabulary words. Some might say it was the adventure and learning experience of a lifetime... (I am not one of those people).


Here at Juilliard, midterm season is one of the craziest times of the year. Students (and probably faculty/staff too) are exhausted beyond belief. I'm pretty sure I saw someone crawling to class once...


Halloween is definitely a main event in my home country as well as in New York City. The Philippines is ripe with scary stories filled with our own mythology.


This weekend I celebrated Halloween NYC style! Halloween in New York is a strange phenomenon. This year the holiday falls on a Tuesday. I walked out of my door to catch the subway on Thursday morning and I found myself greeted by a swath of children dressed as minions, princesses, and superhero.


Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and even though it’s only a day long, I wasn’t about to let that stop me from celebrating all month long. There are so many fun Halloween events in New York, so all of October was filled with spooky festivities.


October is coming to a close and to top off the month we got to have HALLOWEEKEND!!! There were costumes, scares, and many fun times! Halloween is always the perfect holiday which allows people to express their inner creativity and flaunts bright colors, interesting ideas and eccentricity on every street corner.


Even though Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, I absolutely love this time of year! That's right...FALL, baby!

Halloween - Dance Division Style

For the dance division, Halloween at Juilliard is… an iconic event. It’s the one day per year that we can trade in our traditional, form-fitting attire for pretty much absolutely anything. Dressing up for dance classes is a time-honored Halloween tradition for every dancer I’ve ever met, but I will say that I don’t know anyone who puts more thought and commitment into their costumes that yours truly, the Juilliard Dance Class of 2020.

Pre-Juilliard Days

Everyone I have met at Juilliard has had a different experience pre-Juilliard. I have friends here who have spent their entire childhoods dreaming of getting into Juilliard and I know students who didn't even think they would get in so they didn't even consider truly having their lives continue into adulthood at Juilliard.