Audition Advice and Spring Break

This blog is a double whammy – I’m going to talk about Juilliard’s upcoming (and much needed) spring break (WOO!) and also give some audition advice! It’s hard to believe that I auditioned for Juilliard almost two years ago and now a brand new class of performing artists will be walking through the glass doors and starting their Juilliard journey.


As soon as Spring Break ends, we begin rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet. We won’t have as many classes anymore. And once Romeo and Juliet closes, I will be done with third year and will approach my final year of training here at the Juilliard School. Isn’t that crazy?

Spring Break

Spring Break: It’s the rest that is needed after a short yet intense part of second semester, a time to rejuvenate and reflect on the upcoming spring repertoire performances, the chance to reconnect with my family, and a stressful time of waiting for results of summer program auditions and prepping for the last spurt of the year. 

Spring Break Approaches

There are only a few days left until spring break, and lately, the weather has been acknowledging that! Today it was sunny and WARM outside, so unlike the sub-freezing temperatures we’ve had up until now.


After months of hard work, performances, and auditions, our saving grace (A.K.A. Spring Break) is right around the corner! Time for warmer weather, free time, and lovely naps.

Spring Break!

I’ll be going home to New Orleans for about a week for some friends, family and food (namely, my grandma’s gumbo)!

Celebrating Black History Month!

This week we are celebrating Black History Month by sharing some of our favorite artists of color who inspire us! This was not a hard task at all, as there are so many amazing performing artists of color.


This week’s blog prompt is for us to talk about Black History or other African American or minority artists who have impacted or currently inspire us. Last year, I have looked up to Aziz Ansari in his work in Master of None (Netflix) as a source of inspiration and hope on how South Asians like me can have agency in telling our stories in an acute away on television.

Black History Month

One of my hobbies is reading, for I love to get lost in a vortex of poetic sentences and the beauty of words. The quality of reality depicted within a dreamlike world is particularly intriguing to me. I found that the stories of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez fully embody this spirit.

Black History Month

During Black History Month, I’ve found myself surrounded by an abundance of art by African American artists. I’m especially excited that the reading for my liberal arts class this month is Zami: A New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde.

Rising Above

We all go through challenges, and we all have our own personal and unique struggles. Our challenges are often unique to our environment, culture, and surroundings, and I find that this rule applies particularly so to members of the African American community in the ballet world.

Choosing Rep!

Most don’t realize this but in jazz, knowing a lot of tunes can inform your improvisation skills, especially if you play the tunes in their appropriate styles accurately.

Your (Artistic) Squad

Getting to college, much like raising children, takes a village. While you might think your successes are the result of your dashing good looks, it’s more than likely that you have a support team that has helped you along the way.


I am grateful that I am in a community with tremendous sources of different kinds of love. When I have felt lost, stressed, lonely, or confused, there are a number of options available to me to seek out depending on what I need.