Places & Spaces

Places & Spaces

One thing that really drew me to Juilliard was its location. Not only is it in NYC, it’s right next to Lincoln Center and just a few blocks away from some of my favorite spots in the city. Some of my favorite places in NYC are closer to Juilliard than others, but having the 1 train right outside school makes it much easier to get to wherever it is I want to go. Here are some of my favorite spots in and out of the neighborhood:

1.      Central Park

Central park is my favorite place to go when I want to de-stress. Even though it’s right in the middle of the city, going into the Ramble feels like I’m in the middle of a forest! It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s the perfect place to go to unwind.

2.      Magnolia Bakery

Some say Magnolia is overrated, but I still love it. It’s such a cute, homey atmosphere and I go when I’m in the mood for a giant slice of cake. Even though it’s popular, I’ve never had a problem finding a seat. And look at the pumpkins on that cupcake!!!

3.      The pier

During orientation, the incoming vocal arts students took an evening trip to the pier, but since it was raining one of the gals and I stayed back, so my first time going to the pier was just a few months ago. It has a wonderful view of the city, it’s relatively quiet, and it’s refreshing to be by the water.

4.      Steps on Broadway

I just started taking a tap class here a few weeks ago and it’s wonderful! It’s on 74th and Broadway, so it’s a short walk, and they have classes in almost every type of dance for all levels. I’m doing an “Absolute Beginner” tap workshop because I’ve never taken tap before. I love my instructor and it’s a great artistic outlet outside of what I do at school.

5.      Target

Yes, my fellow suburbanites, there IS a Target in NYC. They just opened one in Tribeca, and it’s just like the one I go to at home in NC, but with different flooring. While Tribeca doesn’t seem very close to the UWS, I just hop on the 1 train down to Chambers street and Target is just two blocks away. It’s changed my life.

6.      The Metropolitan Opera

There’s no way I could have left this off the list! I love, love, love going to the Met. They offer student tickets for $37.50, and they usually have amazing orchestra seats. I saw The Marriage of Figaro in row E! Going to the Met inspires me to keep working hard, and I can hear some of the world’s most amazing voices right next door to where I go to school. Plus, I don’t have to pay for parking!

Those are just a few of the places I like to frequent on my weekends and nights off (that is, when I’m not watching Disney movies). I absolutely love the city and I’m finding new favorite spots every week!





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