A Dancer’s Day… In Gifs!

A Dancer’s Day… In Gifs!

We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This then must mean that a gif (comprised of up to 60 pictures) must be worth…. Ok I go to Juilliard for dance not math but the point is that gifs are worth a lot of words! Henceforth the reason that an entire day in the life of a dancer can easily be summed up in 10 incredibly relatable gifs:

1.    When you’ve just woken up in the morning and you have to inspire yourself to get out of bed:

2. When you show up to class ready to serve the teacher pure classical ballet realness:

3. And then grand allegro kicks you in the butt and you barely make it to the end of class:

4. But then you look back up from your wheezing and panting to see your friend killing it while going across the floor:

5. Then it’s finally time for lunch and everyone is sprinting to the cafeteria to be the first in line:

6. Then it’s off to composition class and you’re trying to out-do everyone else’s choreography by serving up something like nobody has ever seen before:

7. You finish composition class feeling artsy beyond belief but then remember that up next you have a four hour long tech rehearsal:

8. But then you all actually get some really good work done in rehearsal and have a really good run at the end!

9. Then it’s finally time for dinner and you’re not sure if you’ve ever been hungrier in your life:

10. And then it’s off to bed! You’ve never been more thankful to see a pillow in your life at this point.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog, and be sure to check back next week for more!


~Alexander Sargent~

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