One Down… One to Go

One Down… One to Go

So that’s it, my first semester at Juilliard is officially almost over. (I still have one essay to complete in addition to my dance evaluations, but lets simply focus on the positive for now why don’t we?) Anyways, in the spirit of reflection I wanted to list my top five favorite moments (out of many) from the past semester. Enjoy!

1.    Choreographing for the Choreographic Workshop programs.                                                           

I would have to say that getting the opportunity to choreograph a new piece with a new group of dancers twice so far throughout the semester has been an opportunity unlike any other. It has been such an incredible pleasure to get the chance to work so closely with my fellow classmates in order to create something of beauty and joy. I definitely look forward to creating a new piece with 3 dancers which I have not previously worked with for February workshop, as well as bringing back the piece I choreographed in November in order to perform it in February.

2. That time our entire class dressed up as Sia. 

Yeah… That was a riot to be honest. None of our teachers could tell who was who. I think that the plan is now to all dress up as something together as a class each year, so we’ll see what’s in store for next year!

3.  This one is pretty general but no less applicable, and that being the fact that I live in what I personally consider to be the best city on earth.

Like come on! Look at this! How can you not love it! All of this and more literally ten feet out of the front door! Honestly I really just can’t get enough.

4. Performing New Dances.

It is a rare opportunity that you get to have an original piece choreographed specifically for the talent in your class, and then have world class musicians accompany you, and then get to perform said piece on one of the most notable stages for dance in New York City. Safe to say New Dances was a phenomenal experience, and I very much look forward to next years iteration!

5. First snow!

I’ve been living in Florida for the past four years, so it’s been quite some time since I last saw snow, so safe to say I was feeling pretty festive when we got our first snow of the season last week. I’ve never actually gotten to experience a snowy NYC so now I’m able to officially check that one off!

I’m still in awe that already one whole semester here at Juilliard has gone by, and safe to say it has been a semester to remember. I’m forever thankful for all of the incredible and beautiful people that I get to be surrounded by every day. Here’s to another great semester ahead!

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a fantastic winter break!

~Alexander Sargent~

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