Checking In

Checking In

Hey guys!

Right now, Juilliard students are in one of the busiest times of the school year, so I thought it would be a great time to check in and let you know what I’ve been working on within the wonderful walls of Juilliard!

This semester has been so exciting. We have had the opportunity to take new classes, work with new teachers, and work on some really exciting projects! Everyday is a new challenge, and I am enjoying diving into all that Juilliard has to offer! Besides our classes that range from 9:00-4:30pm, second-year dancers are also involved in Choreographers and Composers (also known as Choreo/Comp), New Dances, Workshop, and I started working on a collaborative performance piece with a percussionist for an outside project that will happen at Juilliard in January…so I am super busy (but loving it!)

Choreographers and Composers is a really exciting opportunity for the division. There are six third-year dancers that choreograph on all the second-year dancers. They collaborate with a third-year composer to create an original score and piece that we perform in two weeks! I’ve had a great experience with this project – Zach, the choreographer, has been amazing to work with, and I love dancing with two of my classmates who are also in the piece. You really get to know them even more than you already do, working with them so often. Our composer, Will, has done a fantastic job of creating a very clear, evocative atmosphere for the piece. I am looking forward to performing the work in just a couple of weeks!

New Dances is a performance where each class works with a different choreographer to produce a new work that is premiered on the Peter Jay Sharp stage in December. This year, our class is working with Katarzyna Skarpetowska, who is an alumnus of the school. She is doing an amazing job of creating a beautiful, complex, and technical piece, as well as a great rehearsal environment for us dancers. She is extremely organized and efficient in her choreographic process, and I really enjoy her creative process. We have three-hour rehearsals for New Dances three times a week, so we are busy working away at putting together an amazing piece!

Just this Friday, we had our November Choreographic Workshops. I presented a piece danced by two of my friends and amazing artists, Sarah and Alex, and I was floored by the performance. Workshops are one of my favorite parts of Juilliard; the display of creativity, innovation and the strong ideas of the students are so inspiring. I love pushing myself with each piece I make, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process for this duet. Below is a picture from the performance of “in the realm of last chances,” which I created for workshop.

In the midst of such a busy schedule, it is important to make time for some downtime. I definitely do this everyday by ending my day with some reading, or hanging out with friends. Putting in the time to take care of yourself outside the studio is so important for your success in the studio, and this balance absolutely keeps my stress levels down!

I didn’t want to talk exclusively about my own experience this semester, so I asked some of my classmates how their semester was going so far. Here are some of their responses below:

“This semester has been filled to the brim with exciting opportunities! After the long orientation period of freshman year, I entered second year ready to collaborate and engage myself fully in all Juilliard has to offer. I am currently immersed in ChoreoComp, a project where a select number of third years choreograph a pieces in collaboration with composition majors. For this performance I am dancing a duet with my high school friend and fellow classmate. I really enjoy this process because I know my partner so well! This semester has been filled with workshop performances, in which I danced with both members of my class, as well as third and first years. Workshops are a great chance to collaborate with others dancers in a low stress environment, and create dances at our own volition. I am currently working as a Gluck Community Fellow with several classmates from various divisions at school. I really enjoy traveling to various care facilities in Manhattan and sharing art with a diverse range of audiences. It is a great gift to experience different types of audiences and to engage directly with the community.

So far this semester has offered challenges with workload and stress, but also amazing rewards. I look forward to coming collaborations and performances, and the busy times that are to come! “

-Moscelyne, Dance, Class of 2019

“This semester has been full of exciting new opportunities. Although we are busy all the time, that is the best part. Being involved in ChoreoComp, New Dances, and workshops has given me the chance to explore many different aspects of dance all at the same time. I feel like I'm never doing the same thing in any given rehearsal, and that opens my eyes to so many possibilities. I've enjoyed working with all the choreographers and dancers from different classes, as well as my own!  I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer!”

Kylie, Dance, Class of 2019


Thanks for checking in with me this week! Make sure to come back next Monday for more!





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