A Snowy Thursday

Being from North Carolina, I’m very used to snow days. Every time the weather forecast predicted more than half an inch of snow, school was closed. I enjoyed snow days at home, but there was never that much snow to run around in.

Snow Day!

Last Thursday, February 9, our “Van Itallie Project” Showing got cancelled due to heavy snow. I decided to stay in my apartment the whole day even when it stopped snowing in the evening.

A Snow Day Well Spent

Despite the frigid temperature and the unpleasantness of snowflakes-smacking-into-your-face syndrome, New York’s transformation was stunning. It was a much-needed day off full of catching up on sleep, homework, and winter fun.

A Blessed Day

On Thursday, February 9, the year of our lord 2017, the snow gods blessed us with a blizzard. But all was not so cut and dry! No… I woke up Thursday morning at 7:15, checked my email, and saw a memo saying that “all planned classes and rehearsals would continue as usual.” I looked outside at the storm, sighed, and got out of bed.

The Greatest City in the World!

A huge part of attending Juilliard is the fact that you are right in the heart of New York City. Juilliard is located at Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side of New York. Here, life never really stops, and the area is host to a vast number of the finest artists in the world that come to perform and teach.

Reflections on New York

This time around my ruminating brought me to reflect on the city that I’ve now lived in for six months. Though that might seem like a decent amount of time to get affiliated with the city, I will say that I continue to be surprised and evermore impressed with what New York has to offer at every turn. In particular I have found myself growing increasingly fond of the numerous coffee shops which dot Columbus Avenue, each with their own unique aesthetic and flavor.


Though it may not be the cleanest and nicest city, it offers a lot of opportunities for growth and adventure for a young person studying drama and learning about the world, learning about herself, learning to be independent, and (*drum roll) learning to be alone.

Out and About in NYC

Both within and outside the Juilliard building, there are so many artistic and educational opportunities available in New York.  For someone who grew up in The Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, I still can’t believe I have so many resources at my disposal here. Plus how many people get to say that Lincoln Center is their campus?!


I can't go down a hallway without hearing or seeing at least one Juilliard student/faculty do something jawdropping. Sometimes, it even inspires me to randomly practice throughout the day. 

Places & Spaces

One thing that really drew me to Juilliard was its location. Not only is it in NYC, it’s right next to Lincoln Center and just a few blocks away from some of my favorite spots in the city. Some of my favorite places in NYC are closer to Juilliard than others, but having the 1 train right outside school makes it much easier to get to wherever it is I want to go.

"Mr. Gaga" at Juilliard

This was a truly amazing opportunity that Juilliard provided for us. The chance to experience that film in such an intimate environment was such a privilege and a learning opportunity, and was definitely one of the moments that defines the Juilliard experience.

What to Do on Your Audition Day

Everyone talks about what you should and shouldn’t do while you are auditioning, but there’s a lot of thought that you’ll have to put in for everything else that happens surrounding those ten or so minutes. In preparation for a long but exciting day, here’s what you should keep in mind on the day of your audition. 

My Vocal Arts Audition Story

Each of my college auditions was an experience entirely its own, and Juilliard was no exception. I had no idea what to expect. Would everyone else auditioning be shooting me death glares? Would the audition panel stop me after 30 seconds? Was wearing a red dress a bad idea?

My Audition Story

My audition was in Chicago on January 30th. It was at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s beautiful studios, and I remember getting there super early to warm up. Of course, of the 5-round audition format, we started with a full ballet class, and moved on from there. Although I was initially pretty nervous going in, as we moved through the rounds, I remember I just focused on enjoying the experience.

My Juilliard Drama Audition Story

I took on this journey one step at a time. I started to see if I could get all these people to write recommendation letters for me.  When they said yes, I took it as a sign to move on to the next step. I then tried to find someone who can help me with my monologues.  

Reflections on the Juilliard Dance Audition

Understandably, I remember my audition day quite clearly. I auditioned in Miami, as I was training at The HARID Conservatory at the time, which was located in Boca Raton. (Just a few miles up the road from Miami.) As such I woke up early and rode the train down to Miami, which conveniently dropped me off not even a quarter mile from the audition location.