What to Do on Your Audition Day

Everyone talks about what you should and shouldn’t do while you are auditioning, but there’s a lot of thought that you’ll have to put in for everything else that happens surrounding those ten or so minutes. In preparation for a long but exciting day, here’s what you should keep in mind on the day of your audition. 

My Vocal Arts Audition Story

Each of my college auditions was an experience entirely its own, and Juilliard was no exception. I had no idea what to expect. Would everyone else auditioning be shooting me death glares? Would the audition panel stop me after 30 seconds? Was wearing a red dress a bad idea?

My Audition Story

My audition was in Chicago on January 30th. It was at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s beautiful studios, and I remember getting there super early to warm up. Of course, of the 5-round audition format, we started with a full ballet class, and moved on from there. Although I was initially pretty nervous going in, as we moved through the rounds, I remember I just focused on enjoying the experience.

My Juilliard Drama Audition Story

I took on this journey one step at a time. I started to see if I could get all these people to write recommendation letters for me.  When they said yes, I took it as a sign to move on to the next step. I then tried to find someone who can help me with my monologues.  

Reflections on the Juilliard Dance Audition

Understandably, I remember my audition day quite clearly. I auditioned in Miami, as I was training at The HARID Conservatory at the time, which was located in Boca Raton. (Just a few miles up the road from Miami.) As such I woke up early and rode the train down to Miami, which conveniently dropped me off not even a quarter mile from the audition location.

My Audition Story

I remember my audition as if it were yesterday.

I was staying at my good friend's place in Jersey. I took the train into the city relatively early in the morning.  My audition was scheduled at 12:15pm.

Semester Wrap Up: Best of 2016

It is hard to believe how fast this semester has gone by (to be completely honest, I’m not even sure where the last year and a half has gone). My semester has certainly had its ups and downs, but as I am now preparing to go home for two weeks, I am reminded of how fortunate I am for the opportunities Juilliard has given me and for the unending support of my family, friends and teachers. 

Year 2 Semester 1

I almost can’t believe this semester is over! I say almost because when I look back at this semester I’m surprised by how much I’ve gotten done and how far away August feels! 

In Full Swing

It’s that time of year where everything is in a final grand crescendo. This applies to pretty much everything, but is especially prevalent for the dancers at the moment. 


The best advice I can give anyone during the period between submitting and waiting for pre-screening results is to do something completely different from the process of application.

It could be anything! But I recommend something that can help blow off steam, like dancing!

The Waiting Game

Congrats--you’ve submitted your applications! Now comes the waiting game, which is, if anything, just as bad as actually applying. It will be several weeks until you start hearing back from schools on whether you passed the pre-screening round, so take this time to catch a breather and enjoy the holiday season.

The Waiting Period

Is there anything worse than waiting when it comes to college applications? You’ve done all you possibly can and now you just have to WAIT. Applying and auditioning are never the scariest parts of this process, it’s the grueling in-between period where you’re stuck in limbo. 

New Dances 2016!

I love New Dances so much because it is an opportunity for us to work and bond as a class; we really learn to dance and rehearse like a company of dancers, instead of just individuals.