Sunday marked the inaugural performances of OperaComp, a new initiative put on by a handful of Juilliard students and they were fantastic! It was started by 4 Juilliard students: two composers and two vocalists.

Ear(s) Training

One exciting thing about attending a conservatory is that I finally get to really learn about music--from the history and evolution of it to the mechanics behind our favorite pieces, it’s fun to get into a deeper understanding of something I’ve been practicing for years.

My Favorite Class!

What I love about this class is that it is the time where I have the most liberty to explore the technique within the framework of my own physicality and my own goals.

My Favorite Thing About the Juilliard Dance Division

There’s plenty of great things to say about the dance division here at Juilliard. And honestly it’s hard for me to narrow down just one particular thing that I like above the rest, as each class offers its own completely unique experience and learning environment, so it makes it difficult to judge them against each other. In hindsight of all this, I would have to say though that overall myown personal favorite thing about the Juilliard Dance Division is the opportunity to present works in the Choreographic Workshop presentations.

What Time Is It? Summertime!

Summers are a great opportunity to expand your horizons and really take the time to invest in yourself and your training. With summer quickly approaching (I can’t believe it is already March!), now is the time to decide on how you want to make the most of your time away from school in order to come back a more developed young artist.

Choices, Choices (Summer Program Edition)

Choosing which college you’re going to is definitely on the list of “terribly stressful decisions,” and choosing a summer program is only a bit farther down on that list. Summer is a great time to make a lot of good progress in your singing without having to worry about classes or assignments. The only problem is figuring out where to start (and funding!).

Summer Singin’

Summer is quickly approaching which means my first year at Juilliard is quickly coming to a close – CRAZY! Time really flies! It seems like we have to start thinking about these summer programs earlier and earlier.

What I Looked for in a Summer Program

Summers for performing artists aren’t quite normal. For musicians, at least, they are a chance to continue honing our craft and explore musical possibilities not as readily available to us during the school year.


As young artists, we are expected to seek out the most valuable experiences to make us stronger and more skilled. Participating in summer programs can take a young artist to the next level. Here is what I look for in a summer program

Summer Intensives 101

Summer intensives! They’re great, they’re expensive, you’ll make lots of friends, new connections, travel somewhere new, learn a thing or two, and add a line to your resume. But out of so many choices for where to go for summer, how do you discern between the good, the bad, and the ugly?


The great thing about a break from school is that it doesn't mean you have to not do something. It's a change from the academic pace, back to real life


Students at the Juilliard School have two weeks off to accommodate auditioning students and for Spring Break. Below are a collection of things I have been doing during my time away from Juilliard.

Handling Audition Jitters

My audition season was two years ago but I remember it very vividly. Specifically, I remember my nerves and the nerves of those around me. However, after so many auditions I was able to find a few things that made the audition process less stressful.

The Most Magical Time of the Year

Spring break always seems to come at the most needed of times. The few months between the end of winter break and the beginning of spring break are (in my humble opinion) the busiest of the year. There’s honestly just too much going on. Auditions, preparations for summer, exams, rehearsals, the weather being unable to make up its mind, it’s all too much. And so, to everyone’s rescue comes spring break.

’Tis the Season

There’s no doubt that auditioning is a stressful process. But if you take the moment to prepare yourself and take stock of all the opportunities that are open to you at this time, then I have full faith that you’ll make it out unscathed.


Well, if you had prescreening to pass, then congratulations! Since you made it through, then you're definitely on the right track.