Juilliard415 On Tour PART 2

Juilliard415 On Tour PART 2

Three cities in three nights: the end of the tour brought us to Cambridge from London, then back to London, and on to Paris to experience some of the most exciting concerts of our tour.

Day 1: London -> Cambridge

7:15 AM
Off to King's Cross Station to get to Hogwarts...I mean Cambridge with two string quartets full of people. It was early in the morning but as soon as we saw platform 9 3/4 we all ran over.

10 AM
We arrive at St. John's College Chapel for a dress rehearsal because today  we're playing a Haydn string quartet!

12 PM
Quartet concert time! A very beautiful place to play!!


3 PM
Free time in Cambridge. Although we just missed a huge rainstorm, its still a little cloudy and damp but I found a wonderful farmer's market and had a picnic lunch of bread and cheese, smoked fish, and a little red and white radishes. I also found a book store with some books published in the 18th century!

6 PM
Get to our new hotel and it's a early night in for me tonight. I now have a chance to practice a little bit and Skype back to the States to say hi to my family and friends!


Day 2: Cambridge -> London

9 AM
We start the day off with a walking tour of Cambridge University, where we learn the history of their college system and it's many traditions including night climb (where students free climb old buildings around campus...at night!). 

11 AM
The walking tour ended with admission to the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is where the Fitzwilliam Virginal book is housed!! and my friend Melody and I had a great time checking out all the harpsichords!

12 PM
Lunch at an incredible Italian place with extremely cheap and wonderful fresh pizza!

2 PM
Sound check

2:15 PM
Unscheduled rehearsal break because of technical difficulties which lead to a great hangout in the quad outside our rehearsal space.

3 PM
Back to our rehearsal at Trinity College Chapel, the location of our concert that evening. Trinity College is the oldest of the colleges at Cambridge and was formed in 1546 by Henry VIII when he merged to other colleges together (the oldest founded in 1317).

5 PM
Dinner on our own. I make one last pitstop back to the farmer's market and find the purse of my dreams that I've been eyeing (handmade out of goat leather!)

7:30 PM
Probably the coolest concert that we played on tour because this one was broadcast live on BBC3. My friends and family were able to listen in on the internet and hear us play!! Also very fun to truly be a part of something completely live on such a big scale and get to experience what that process is like.

10 PM
A hour bus ride back to London for a quick 6 hour nap and then very excited to be off to Paris in the morning!!!!!!!

Day 3: London -> Paris

6:55 AM
On the bus to the Eurostar to take us through the Chunnel to Paris! It's my first time traveling to France and I'm very excited!!

12 PM
We made it to our venue and immediately ran out to get lunch. I have a pizza with ham and a Crepes avec Creme de Marrons or crepe with chestnut cream.

2 PM
Dress rehearsal at St. Sulpice. We play a short loud note and can hear the sound roll through the hall like thunder for seconds after we stop.

2:45 PM
An hour until our concert call, I try to get in as much as I can in the area around the church as possible. I have a cup of tea on the sidewalk at a french cafe, find a little secret street fair to walk through and then get a pastry at a patisserie (a baked cherry clafouti).

4 PM
Our last concert is also our best attended and there is something truly incredible about playing in a church with so much history for an exceptionally appreciative audience. I'm also super lucky cause my family friend is in Paris today and was able to come to our concert.

7 PM
Having checked into our Paris hotel, I'm out to dinner with my family friend and two other friends from the tour, Carrie and Edson. All three of us have just graduated from Juilliard and are finished with this incredible tour so its time for a very special and well deserved celebration dinner and a walk past the Eiffel Tower lit up against the night sky!

Juilliard 415 ON TOUR!

Juilliard 415 ON TOUR!