Where Has the Time Gone

AUGUST- no words to describe the feeling of stepping off the plane into your new city. It was an adrenaline filled month. Also a time when you have to say “goodbye for now” to family and friends. But don’t worry, care packages galore are on their way!

OCTOBER- okay. this might be the best freshman class ever. No shame in our game. You can tell we quickly moved through that awk convo stage and embraced all of our quirks.

NOVEMBER- not gonna lie, I think this was the hardest month for me. I was coming up on one of my first big Juilliard performances and it was my first holiday away from home. But, the community at Juilliard is so loving…that month went by quick!

DECEMBER- I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the winter weather or the holiday spirit, but besides the tough love from Juilliard and New York…this city knows how to make a girl smile. Happy to celebrate with so many new friends in a new place.

JANUARY- refreshed, rejuvenated, experienced freshman back for another semester. I missed all my friends so much that I don’t think we went anywhere outside of Juilliard without each other for a week. This is a picture from one of our several group coffee runs in between rehearsals.

FEBRUARY- still braving the cold, but passing new installation art everyday keeps you from noticing the chill. Seriously though, I think the only reason I survived the winter is because of all of New York’s beautiful, surprising distractions on my path.

MARCH- celebrating birthdays away from home and many other things. This is when time starts to hit you in the face and then boom. You have 8 weeks of freshman year left. This month seemed like a great month for all of my friends. I guess the spring air started to come in a bit and the big smiles got even bigger. Here is a picture of us celebrating my birthday along with my other birthday month buddies.

APRIL/PRESENT- we have to admit this year has creeped up on us pretty well. I never would’ve thought I’d make such good friends in such short time. For me, Juilliard has provided a place to explore and grow things that a lot of people my age don’t have the opportunity to do. It’s created these young professionals who know how to balance a day between rehearsal, homework, and networking. I love my class and I don’t want to think about the summer too much because it means I will be away from them for more than two weeks.

Thank you class of 2018 for giving me a place to be weird and loved.


Allie J.

Year in Review

Year in Review

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