Katherine Althen

What are you going to miss most about Juilliard during the summer?
Lessons with my teacher, Robert Langevin!

Who are some of the most influential people you have met this year?
I’ve made some great friendships with wonderful people. They are a constant source of inspiration and never fail to make me smile.

What was an inspiring moment you remember from this year?
There are too many to count! At the top of the list would have to be memorable performances by my current and former teachers. I am filled with inspiration each time I hear Mr. Langevin play with the New York Philharmonic! His performance of the Rouse Flute Concerto was particularly beautiful. I also feel especially thankful to have heard an absolutely exquisite recital by my dear former teacher, Paula Robison, at The Graduate Center at CUNY this past fall semester.

Why did you choose Juilliard?
Location, location, location! I heart NY. But really, this city is amazing. The arts are alive and well here. Of course, I also chose to come to Juilliard to study with my amazing teacher.

Where is your favorite place to practice and where is your favorite place to relax?
My favorite place to practice would have to be my apartment. It faces the east, so it is flooded with sunshine in the morning which keeps me energized and happy! Luckily, my neighbors don’t mind my practicing. My favorite place to relax would either be on my yoga mat or at the ballet barre taking class with my fellow Juilliard flute buddy, Olivia Staton. 

Gemma Freitas

When I don’t have rehearsal…