Gemma Freitas

Name: Gemma Freitas
Division: Dance
Age: 21
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Graduating Year: 2015

2 dogs ( Lucci-portugese water dog, Benny- toy pomeranian) 1 cat named Bindy

2 siblings, a sister name Giavana (27 & and pregnant :)) and a brother named joey (25)

Favorite food?
I loveeeeee Ice cream it always looks good to me, but I also love nuts and granola and yogurt ( healthy alternative)

Favorite color?
Red, I always try to convince myself its emerald green or turquoise but I look at the majority of things I buy and they are always in the red color scheme

Favorite Movie?
The new Cinderella ( I still dream about it and I saw it a month ago)

Favorite Dance Company?
Hubbard Street

Who inspires you?

What is a favorite memory from your Juilliard experience?
Touring with Juilliard to Chicago and dancing at the Chicago Dance Festival last summer

What will you miss most from Juilliard?
I will miss the incredible people and rich talent that surrounds me each and every day

If you could change anything about your experience at Juilliard, what would you change?
If I could change one thing it would be to submerge myself more in the other majors at the school

What will you be doing after graduation?
Post graduation I will be moving to Montreal and starting a year contract with the contemporary ballet company Les Ballet Jazz!

What is your biggest fear about entering the “real world”?
I fear that I wont be able to see my family as much as I would like when I begin my professional life, since touring will be a big part of what I do. However, I am so excited to see the world and I know that my family's love is with me always

 Photo by Leiland Charles

Photo by Leiland Charles

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