The End as We Know It?

Is this the end?

I just about finished the my sophomore year of college! WHAT. It does not feel real. As the year draws to a close, there are some fun festivities that occur at Juilliard.

We had a graham class in Central Park, an end of the year tradition for us dancers at Juilliard. But don’t worry... I didn’t forget my sunblock ;)

This past Friday, there was the Juilliard Spring Block Party!

Hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, temporary tattoos, games - you name it! It was there.

Today, I brought my camera around with me and asked students what this year at Juilliard meant to them. Here is how they responded.

At the end of this week, I will perform in the final dance performance of the year. Then I will pack my bags, clean my dorm, and the summer adventures will begin!

Till next year,


Juilliard 415 ON TOUR!

Juilliard 415 ON TOUR!

Looking Back

Looking Back