Top 5 Things SPRING Brings to Juilliard

Top 5 Things SPRING Brings to Juilliard

My favorite season in New York City is springtime. It's a close call between spring and autumn, but for my reasons below, spring wins out (in my book). 

Certain things are desperately lacking from Juilliard life during the long winter months. While it hasn't completely warmed up yet, we are heading that way and maybe this post will urge Mother Nature along with some wishful thinking.

The Top 5 Things That Spring Brings to Juilliard:

5. Evening walks without a heavy coat


I think everyone in the building rejoices the first day when we don't have to wear our heavy winter coats to school. What's even better are the late night walks around the city in the warmer weather.

4. The Grassy Knoll Reopens!

This beautiful green oasis returns with the sunshine of spring. It really makes such a difference being able to relax and read or catch up with friends on the Illumination Lawn.

3. Iced Coffee

Warmer weather brings back one of my favorite beverages

2. Sunbathing on the RoseWalk

As Jasminn posted earlier in the year, the RoseWalk is a neat architectural feature at school, and in the spring time it's prime real estate for suntanning! Perfect springtime combo = short sleeves + iced coffee + RoseWalk sunshine

1. Spring Performances and Graduation Recitals/Concerts/Festivities

The end of the year is always packed with performances from every division. All the year's hard work culminates in final projects, recitals, and showings. It's a busy and exciting time at Juilliard.


Wrapping Up No. 1