1.    The first few weeks are always the most fun and most awkward. Don't worry about trying to make a certain impression, everyone else is experiencing the same happy-nervous feelings you are. I know I'm kind of shy at first so it was hard for me to put myself into conversations, but everyone is so welcoming so go for it!

2.    Try to get out the dorms often the first few weeks. You only have two months until it starts getting cold and unless picnicking in the snow is your thing, you should try and visit the park and familiarize yourself with your surroundings whenever you can. Outings are usually fun to plan, and it's a great way to bond with new friends.

3.    Call your family often -- as much as they are happy to send you toward greatness, they want to know if you've figured out how to do laundry or if you've been getting good sleep. Time to put technology to use and call them when you can.

4.    Make friends outside of your major. There are a lot of collaboration opportunities that come around and you want to make sure you know the right people in case you decide you want to try a new interdisciplinary project. Also, you will be blown away by the talent, everyone is unbelievable.

5.    Get to know your roommate. There is nothing weirder and oddly more fun than living with a stranger. I didn't get close to my Roomie until this semester and we have completely different backgrounds but so many common interests. Roommates are potential for great first friends, so make a dinner date and get to know each other.

6.    So in the midst of going out, making friends, dinner dates and other fun excursions...naps are definitely your friend. College and new environments in general can be stressful and cause lots of different emotions. I definitely ditched some hangouts for sleep and I have no regrets.

7.    While the cafeteria is great and all...there are some days where you want more than one entree and a drink. I'm here to tell you that the possibilities of food delivery have been limitless with the help of the phone app SEAMLESS. It speaks for itself. 

These things really helped me take some risks and have more fun than I thought was possible. Hope they can do the same for your first year!

-allie j

Stephanie Galipeau

Stephanie Galipeau

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