Taylor Labruzzo

LaBruzzo is a first year dancer who happens to be one of the first classmates I ever met. One of my favorite things about Taylor is that you can usually catch her saying "Gosh I love this school, everyone is so stunning" and she's right!

Taylor is a Vegas native and she is fluent in almost every style of dance. She's a very creative soul and I'm not sure she knows just how talented she is. She has been my 11 p.m gym partner, my homework reminder, and my go to friend since the beginning of the school year. I kinda love her, and you will too after watching this video.

This video is an example of her willingness to try anything, I simply asked her if she wanted to be Sent from my iPhone

She's usually always smiling this big and excited about something. (That happens a lot at Juilliard)

Bottom line is, Taylor is someone you'd want know. She's a beautiful brain with a huge heart, and I'm glad to share her with y'all. 

-allie j.

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