De-stress in NYC

This is the last week of school!  The week after that is Jury Week, followed by Finals Week!  I can’t believe this is year is almost over. Everyone is super stressed out at this point, finishing writing their papers, practicing for their Jury, studying for finals and preparing to leave for the summer!

If you’re feeling like that, thank goodness there are a few ways to wind down during this stressful period. This is how me and my fellow friends have been dealing with the stress in the past few days.  Go out, get some fresh air and get something delicious to eat!

NYC does not always have to be super expensive, you just have to find the right deals!

For example, last weekend it was sunny and gorgeous outside, so my friend and I went to Pinkberry’s and that particular day, it was buy one get one free!

Indie Cafe is one of my favourite places to eat, it is right across from school and Juilliard students get 10% discount :)  They have really good sandwiches there and coffee, which is why I am there way more than I should.  However, last weekend I also discovered their deserts!!! So delicious!  It’s not too expensive, and you don’t have to go far to get a good treat!




We had a Cupcake Decoration event in our lounge tonight, it was so nice to have an excuse to get out of the practice room, socialise a little and eat some delicious cupcakes!  The events we have in the dorm lounge are so nice, because you get a chance to talk to people other than your friends that you see all the time and do something fun! 

I wish you all the best of luck with your finals!  Remember to take breaks when you are feeling stressed and go out and get some fresh air! 

Until next time,


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