Antoine Rivard-Landry

Antoine is a first year pianist from Quebec, Canada and he is a super cool person!  Besides being extremely talented and hardworking, he is also very down-to-earth, sarcastic, super honest and hilarious. 

1)       What do you like the most about Juilliard?

The thing I like the most about Juilliard is the energy that we can feel in the school. Wherever you go, you always feel stimulated and motivated because you are surrounded by art and passionate artist, and even if the pressure felt in this building can be really hard to handle, that is what pushes me every day to do my best.

2)       Who inspires you the most?

The person who inspires me the most musically is my professor M. Robert McDonald. I feel extremely lucky to be studying with such a master, and he never stops pushing my limits. I really admire his vision of music and its power, and his energy helps me setting new goals for myself.

3)       When did you decide you wanted to become a pianist?

I made this choice the year I started the piano. Since my very first lesson, I’ve never had a doubt that this would be something I would do for the rest of my life. I would never have thought I would be in Juilliard right now though. This chance will probably help me realise my goal.

4)       What is your favorite thing to do in NYC?

It is really easy to forget that you live in one of the most exciting cities of the world, when you study at Juilliard. Whenever I have a little time, I love to remind myself that New York is right out there! I mostly try new neighbourhoods, take long walks with friends and enjoy the city. I also love food, so trying a new restaurant is never a bad idea.

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