The Students that Never Sleep

The Students that Never Sleep

This week was a hard one. Rehearsals seven days a week for two different shows never gets easy, but it also never gets boring. As the semester comes to an end my days get longer, with more responsibilities and this week all of my days seem to run together. Weird thing about this is, despite the fact that my ankle hurts, and my email is overwhelmingly full, I have never smiled so much and been so happy to be tired before.

Juilliard is full of opportunities, and of course I cannot say no when they come my way. SOMETIMES this means a shorter lunch break, or less hangout time with friends but all of these sacrifices are worth it. The networking I have done in one week alone because of this school and its location has shocked me speechless.


-busy body, Allie J.

Lee Jeon

Saturday: For Work and Play