My Two Cents on the Big Decision

My Two Cents on the Big Decision

You probably know by now how incredibly hard it is to measure every single factor that comes into consideration when making your decisions about which college/university/program to attend next year. Especially because with all the research and tours and more visits, you still won’t get a full picture of the places until you will already have been there, months into the program and there is a moment when you realize: Yes, I absolutely made the right choice! 

There are no right or wrong decisions, every place has its strengths and weaknesses without exception and luckily, even if you make a less good decision on where to attend, you can always transfer the next year. Instead of trying to consider everything, sit down and think about what are the most important factors for YOU when it comes to your future higher education. This list of course will also change as times goes on but I am sure you can get a sense of what your priorities are if you are truly honest with yourself. 

Making the decision to attend Juilliard over my other options was not as easy as it might seem at all. I am now able to look at the process from many angles and while from some it made perfect sense, from others it was a wild one. To me the main deciding factors were these: 

1. My teacher here, Ms. Patricia Rogers, whose work I adored from a very young age and who I knew could bring me to my full potential. For any musician this will be and should be a main deciding factor I believe! 

2.  NYC. Juilliard has an amazing location situated not only in NYC, in Lincoln Center, but actually being a constituent of this huge performing arts organization, the largest in the world. If you want to become connected in the arts world, there is no better place to be but here. Every major orchestra and artist comes through here year by year and it is up to you what you make of the opportunities to meet these people. These leads to the third and final factor: 

3. Understanding the Profession. I stole this title from a class I am currently taking about the business of the performing arts. The music world is changing rapidly and mostly in a way that it is hard to predict where it will go next. I am absolutely committed to playing and teaching classical and contemporary music professionally, and today that is not as easy as it was even a couple of decades ago. Juilliard I thought was a place where I would have a chance to see behind the scenes a little bit and be able to foresee where the music world might go over the next decades. 

Again, my best advice to you is to be honest with yourself about what your goals are and how each place is there to help you achieve them. There is not one right answer, wherever you end up going you will experience an immense amount of new and exciting things! 

Good luck!

~d a n 

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