Ani Sophie

Name → Ani Sophie Bukujian
Age → 22
Division→ Music
Graduating Year→ 2015
From→ Glendale, CA

Favorite artist→ Well, if we are talking about in the entertainment business, it would have to be Michael Jackson. As far as painters, it would be Frida because Surrealism fascinates me. 

Favorite musician→  Me. Just kidding. As of now there are many. Sergey Khachatryan (violinist)

Favorite food→ grechikha (buckwheat)

Favorite movie→ all of the Harry Potters. And Wolf of Wallstreet.

Favorite color→ purple/turquoise

Fun Fact→ loathe cheese and bacon, and hate chocolate.

If not doing music → sleeping (at least thats what my friends say)

Favorite part of New York →  Overlooking the freeway from under the bridge at Riverside Park.

Hobby→  I don't really acquire a specific hobby other than music. Call me boring, but my one and only hobby is making love to my instrument.

Interesting fact→ can read people very easily

When she started playing instrument  → 2 ½ years old

What is your dream job?
I leave that up to the job Gods. but my dream was to be a solo performer and tour around the world. However, looking at it realistically, I wouldn't mind being in a well known professional orchestra. 

What inspires you?
Thinking philosophically rather than realistically.

Spring Break in NOLA: A Visual Tour

Spring Break in NOLA: A Visual Tour