Zack Hann

Zack Hann is a second year Clarinetist. Here are some of my good friend's thoughts on Juilliard and beyond.

Fill in the blank:
Juilliard is like a ______ because ______.

Juilliard is like a  large glass beehive that is exceptionally well organized because everyone is constantly running around, briefly running into each other and then moving on to whatever work they're off to get done. And it's large, and made of glass. Kind of.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?
Nothing at the moment,  but I recently watched the documentary Virunga. I'm planning on binge watching The Jinx as soon as I get the chance.

Why clarinet?
First it was saxophone. When I was a sophomore in high school, I wanted to play in the pit orchestra for the school musical. The part was written for tenor sax and clarinet, so I borrowed a plastic clarinet from the school. Thus began the journey.

Favorite person at Juilliard, and why?
Oof, tough one. I have to go with a regular that comes to the box office, where I do work-study. She comes in almost every day and asks for the day's recital programs, and then tells the box office staff all about the pieces on the program. Unfortunately I've still never learned her real name. She is also the most virtuosic  whistler I have ever heard.

If you could be in any other division what would it be?
The drama division. In my next life I would love to be a playwright.

Tell me about a great performance you've seen lately?
I saw An Octoroon (we--we saw it) at the Theater for New Audiences last weekend. It took my breath away. If it wasn't closing this weekend I'd absolutely see it again--definitely a performance I will remember for a long time.

Fun Fact?
I have a pet snake at my apartment. Her name is Butter (she's a butter corn snake) but I just call her snake.

Any advice for people planning on auditioning for the music division?
Well, by now you've already auditioned. My post-audition advice would be make the most of wherever you end up.  Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. Be ready for the ups and down, the frustration and the joy. It's all part of a long and wonderful musical journey that you're about to begin. Enjoy it!

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