Winds, Harps, and Guitars takes the East Side

This past week Carol Wincenc’s Winds, Harps, and Guitars class went to the Japanese Ambassador’s mansion to give a recital! It was a glamorous evening and so many renowned people were in attendance.  There were Ambassadors from a variety of countries around the world as well as different Directors from the United Nations.  The best part was the fact that we (the Juilliard musicians) were not just performers at this event, but we were actual guests. We attended a cocktail party before our performance and we were able to speak with the different Ambassadors! I spoke to a lot of different people that night but I specifically remember the Ambassadors to Palau, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary.

Ms. Wincenc organized a program that really showcased everyone.  Several small chamber groups performed (including Ms. Wincenc!), and then for our final piece, Ms. Yuko Uebayashi composed a marvelous piece that we all played together.

After we performed, we all gathered in a beautiful dining area for a night of delicious Japanese cuisine and fascinating conversation! Many of the guests told us that they had recently seen performances in Lincoln Center, but enjoyed our performances much more. Ms. Wincenc is to thank for that; she did an amazing job organizing an engaging program, coaching all of the groups, and sharing her positive energy. This was certainly a night filled with experiences that we will all remember forever! 

Zack Hann