Emily (24)

Wow, you are dressed like a superstar, I notice this pretty much every day I see you, how do you do it?

To the annoyance of my teacher, I've been using the harp room closet as a personal storage space, so at any given time I have at least three pairs of shoes and a shirt as a backup.  This allows for endless style variety.

So you don’t just imagine yourself dragging a harp through the snow and deciding on what would go best with that?

A snowy harp is the perfect accessory to any outfit, don't you think?

What draws you to the harp exactly?

It's a very personal instrument to play, in the sense that our fingertips directly control the sound quality.  I also love the variety of colors possible.  Now if only it was collapsible...

Do you find that you love of puzzles have anything to do with it?

Well, crosswords provide a great way to pass the time on the subway!

What else do you have a passion for?

Reading, coffee, exploring, music-making, history, puns and of course cereal.  Did you know Cereal Day is March 7th?

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12 Questions For Sebastian Zinca

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