Benjamin Simoens

Hi blog friends! Things are starting to wrap up nicely for the dance division and I'm so happy to notice the growth of myself and the rest of my class. Speaking of the freshman class of 2018, I'd like for you to meet my friend Ben who is EVERYTHING.

From California, Ben has many talents (I learn something new about him everyday). He also isn't afraid of much and it definitely shows in his dancing. One reason I love watching him dance is because he takes chances regardless of what the outcome may be. He has been my 7 am workout partner and motivation, which is still a work in progress for both of us haha. He has also been my pas de deux partner for the past semester, and he hasn't dropped me or let me fall once. MAJOR SHOUTOUT FOR JUST THAT REASON.

Q: What is Juilliard to you?

A: "Knowledge. There is an immense amount of wisdom that I see and hear everyday…The students here all have a maturity in their work, that is beyond their years. It is impossible to walk through Juilliard without learning something. I strive to learn as much as possible, and this is the perfect environment to fulfill that desire.”

Besides being a dancer, Ben can make your jaw drop when he plays the piano. He also has composed his own song which basically sounds like heaven! Like I said before, he is a man of many talents. If there is something you want to try, I’d say ask Ben.

Q: If you could have/do/be one thing you’ve always wanted to have/do/be, what would you choose?

A: “I have spent a good deal of time in San Francisco and one of things that always strikes me is how many homeless people live there. I’ve always wanted to have enough money to take a homeless person in and support him or her until their life is back on track.”

Clearly he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

#benisthebomb #iwanttobebenwhenigrowup

-Allie J.

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Duanduan Hao

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