If there's one think I've learned living in New York, it's to expect that plans will change; to be ready at a moment's notice to ditch the initial idea and go with what's happening now. Sunday night was a perfect example.

I had planned to wait in the standby line for the sold-out last performance of "An Octoroon" at Theater for a New Audience in Brooklyn. 

I did all my work and errands early in the day to make room for the trek, with hopes of getting a last minute ticket. I showed up to the theater over an hour early only to be turned away before getting in the door. They weren't even accepting any more people for the standby line. Cue the dejected Charlie Brown music...

As I was about to head home, I remembered that fellow Juilliardians and friends were performing at a bar downtown that night. I looked it up on Facebook to make sure I didn't miss it then took the train back into Manhattan. 

I arrived in time to see my friends Chelsea and Claire start their duo show at Pianos NYC, a bar/club on the Lower East Side. (Make sure to look them up on Facebook - "Les Deux"). 

Isabel, another super talented musician and friend of mine, opened the show with some standup comedy and then Les Deux took it away with an arrangement of the Fantasy from Carmen by Bizet. It was great to hear such incredible classical and popular music arrangements from my friends at a downtown bar! Jimmie JJ Jeter, my friend and fellow actor at school, joined the duo for a couple of songs to close the show out. Here's them jamming together on "Feelin' Good."

So all in all it was a successful outing, even though plans changed unexpectedly. As long as you're in the city, there will always be something fun going on and friends to support and be amazed by. 

Winds, Harps, and Guitars takes the East Side

12 Questions For Sebastian Zinca

12 Questions For Sebastian Zinca