Joey Lavarias

Joey Lavarias is a first year basoonist.  He is also one of the funniest, smartest people you will find here at Juilliard. You usually see him wearing shorts and flip-flops, even in the middle of winter when there is a snowstorm outside, and with a warm grin on his face :)

What made you decide to come to Juilliard?

I immediately knew Juilliard was the place I wanted to go to, because it is in the middle of something big.  It is in the middle of New York, which is the greatest place on earth, and I new that something good will happen if I came here.

Any words of advice for our auditionees?

1)    Play with your heart.  No matter how flawless your technique is, if you don’t play with feelings, it’s not music. The faculty wants to be inspired. 

2)  The wait list is not bad!  I was wait listed for about a month, I had already made other arrangements when suddenly, I got the call from Juilliard which said they just had a spot open and they wanted me to come.  It completely changed my life. So don’t give up!

Joey is also a stand-up comedian!  He regularly does shows all over the city!

What made you go into stand-up comedy?

I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, my life has basically always just been punch line after punch line.  I would love to combine music and comedy someday and knock an audience dead!

My main goal, however, is to become a conservatory teacher.  I want to help the next generation achieve their dreams and pass on what I have learned.



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