Waiting for the Results!

Dear musicians! 

You have survived and finished your auditions!

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You must be so relieved!  Auditions are stressful and terrifying, but what is even more stressful, is waiting for the results and not being able to do anything about it! However, no matter what happens, auditions are a great experience and you will benefit a lot from them as a performer. 

Here are some things to have in mind, while you are waiting for your results :)     

  • You will probably hear from the schools around the beginning of April, so be patient.

  • There is nothing you can do at this point to speed up the process, so the best thing in my opinion is to start new repertoire, set new goals for yourself and get your mind away from those auditions.

  • Catch up on your school-work and social life!  You probably missed a lot of school while you were away, so this is the perfect time to catch up on some homework, because you don’t need to practice quite as much right away. You may also suddenly remember that you have friends you haven’t seen in ages, because you have been so busy! Hang out with them and talk about something completely non-music related!

  • Remember, that the wait-list is not the end of the world.  You are not rejected, it means they are interested in having you, but there were just so many applicants so they couldn’t take all of them. If you are on the wait-list, there is still a very good chance you will get the call that could change your life.

  • When you start practicing again, go back to the basics and “fix” your technique.  While we are auditioning/performing a lot, trying to play the best we can under stressful circumstances, we tend to mess up our technique a little and become physically tense.  To prevent injuries, this is the perfect time, to start slowly and polish your general playing.

I hope you had some fun at your auditions!  Hang in there, the results will be out before you know it :) No matter what happens, you have learned a lot from this and you are now a more experienced performer.

Until next time,


Francesca Carpanini