Congratulations to everyone who auditioned at Juilliard this year!!

It is a huge accomplishment that you should be so proud of.  It is such incredible experience preparing for any audition like this one, and it is something that you will benefit from in the future no matter what you decide to do professionally.  The time commitment, energy, and focus that goes into preparing an audition are all skills that will advance you in life. 

The whole audition process is a learning experience, and what you take away from that is even more important than the outcome of the actual audition.  Whether or not the outcome of this audition is what you hoped it to be, you learned a tremendous amount and that is what really matters. 

If music (or dance, or drama) is what you really want to do, this will certainly not be the last audition you take. A huge part of life in the arts is facing a variety of outcomes both positive and negative; that is what creates an artist.  I think it’s important to realize that the outcome of any audition, especially a college audition, doesn’t prove that you’ve “made it” or secured a life in the arts. 

Getting into college does not mean that you’ve “made it”, it just means that you have secured an opportunity to be in an environment that opens doors to help you help yourself. 

Regardless of the outcome, a tremendous amount was learned.

Waiting for the Results!

Allen Tedder