Heading Into the Long Stretch

Welcome back spring breakers! I can't believe the school year is almost over. I’m back from break and ready to work hard. Between now and May I have four to five performances so, you can imagine the challenges I'll be facing. I'm super excited to finish this year with a bang and If you find yourself near Juilliard and/or want to experience the unbelievable talent that these young artists have to share, there are plenty of shows coming up.

THE ILLUMINATIONS PROJECT: A student initiated project presenting an evening of original compositions and choreography by our very own students. DATE: Late April

STUDENT WORKSHOP: An evening of student choreography. (I'm choreographing and performing #nervous) DATE: April 6

JUILLIARD DANCES REPERTORY: A performance of two classic works restaged for our dancers and choreography by Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. DATE: March 25-28

CHOREOGRAPHIC HONORS: Two nights of selected student choreography and a classic Jose Limon work performed by the entire class of 24 first year students.

For more upcoming performances take a look at events.juilliard.edu

Take a peek into our rehearsals. 

These are just a few behind the scenes photos from the 100 rehearsals I’ve been in. I’m back and there are only nine weeks left of school (it happened so quick). I’ll keep you guys updated!

-allie j

Inside the Mind of a Juilliard Musician

Inside the Mind of a Juilliard Musician

Waiting for the Results!