Francesca Carpanini

Not only is she my classmate, and my favorite person here at Juilliard, she also happens to be my best friend. Here's an interview with third year actor Francesca Carpanini.

What is your favorite thing you do every week at Juilliard?

I love watching my classmates’ work in Scene Study every week. After almost three years together, we really understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses as actors and it is beautiful to see how each person has changed and grown. Some of the best pieces of theatre I’ve ever witnessed have taken place at 4 o’clock, under fluorescent lights,  in a Juilliard rehearsal room.

Favorite Color?


What are you watching on Netflix right now?

It’s not on Netflix but I’m currently re-watching the first season of Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback on HBOGo.

Favorite person at Juilliard and why?

You might think I’m only trying to suck up to her because she chose to interview me for this blog, but the honest answer is my classmate Jasminn Johnson. More than a best friend, she has become my sister and my rock. She navigates life with more grace than I could muster up even for a day and everyone feels sunnier in her presence. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and finished way too many packs of Oreos together. (Not to mention, she set me up with my boyfriend—my second favorite person at Juilliard).

If you could be in any other division what would it be?

If I could be anything else in life, I would be a Juilliard dancer. Every time I see a dance concert or even just peek into a ballet class through the doorway, I am in awe.

Favorite place to eat in New York. What do you order?

My favorite brunch spot is Buvette—a charming little French café in the West Village. I always order the steamed eggs (the best you’ll ever have!) with prosciutto or goat cheese and sundried tomato. The croissants with fresh jam and butter are a must-have as well.

Fun fact?

I was born in the UK and moved to Los Angeles when I was 5.

Any advice for people planning on auditioning for drama division?

Pick monologues that you love and connect to, without worrying about what you think the school “wants”. The audition panel wants to see what ignites your passion. Also, having a piece that you actually look forward to doing will help you power through any nerves.

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