Words of Advice

Words of Advice

Audition week is coming up!  How are you all feeling? Prepared? Excited? Terrified to death?  I was feeling all the above last year and so much more. 

When I look back to my auditions, it really wasn't that terrifying.  Try to look at it as an adventure, you get to travel, you meet tons of new people and you experience what it’s like to be a touring musician, someone who travels from city to city but has to remain focused and play their absolute best the next day. I want to share with you some things I wish I would have known when I was auditioning last year.

1)   Envision
If you have a chance, go to the school the day before and take a good look around.  Try to find the room you will be auditioning in, so that you can mentally prepare yourself for what it is going to feel like while you are playing.  Try to envision the whole scenario; you walking in and greeting your dream professor, your opening phrase and everything.  That way, you will be far less nervous because you will not be surprised by any details.

2)  Entrance
Your audition doesn't start when you play your first note, it starts as soon as you walk in through the door.  Your presence and the way you carry yourself is extremely important because the faculty are also curious to get to know you as a person.  Remember to be polite, confident but not arrogant and greet them with a warm smile. If you make yourself likeable, they will automatically listen to you with a more positive attitude.

3)  Talk to people!
I honestly really failed at that one.  I was just in my own little bubble and didn’t want to get distracted, so I barely talked to any of the other kids during the auditions… however, the music world is small!  I had no idea how many of those people would end up being my classmates and future colleagues.  Some people actually made good friends during the auditions and were super excited to see each other again at the beginning of school!  So you do want to talk to people and be nice to them, even though they are your competition.  If you end up at the same school, it is always nice to know someone when you first arrive!

4) Have fun!
I know that can be hard when your whole future depends on those 10 minutes you are about to play… but you have to try to think past it and try to enjoy it. Put yourself in the position of the faculty.  They are tired, they have heard the same concerto a hundred times in a row that day, it can’t be fun to listen to those auditions…so make them enjoy your audition, play with all your heart and soul and have fun!  That way they will too!

5)  Explore the City!
After your auditions, go out into the world and see what the city has to offer! You have to get a feeling for what it is like to live there, after all, it could be your home for the next few years!

Also, don’t forget that this will be over eventually and you can celebrate once you’re done!  I treated myself with a nice bubble tea and you don’t know how happy and relieved I felt to be done! :)

I hope this is helpful. I wish you all the best of luck!!!


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