The Road to New Orleans

The Road to New Orleans

This spring break I will be going to New Orleans. That’s right, you better believe it baby! I’m going to have the time of my life. But no, this time will not be spent partying it up down in the south. In fact, I will be going to New Orleans with a group 18 other students from Juilliard where we will be building houses, giving outreach performances, and providing arts education. It is a beautiful project that has lasted 9 years here at Juilliard, ever since Hurricane Katrina. It is the greatest week ever. And we are only one week away.

And I simply can’t wait. 

This year’s team. (I was clearly not ready for this photo). 

This past semester we have had team meetings every Sunday for 3 hours. They are held in the 11th floor lounge of the dorm building. Today, we had our last meeting. 

Every year, we have a team motto. This year our motto is:

“Art Invigorates”

Our Mission Statement for 2015:

"As creative and generous young artists, the 2015 New Orleans Service Project team will celebrate and contribute to the city's ongoing revitalization by openly sharing ourselves and our own "soul food" - the arts - with the New Orleans community. Cultivating curiosity, confidence and courage, we will use this soul food to feed hearts and minds, uplift spirits and spark positive change. Art Invigorates."

Here is a video from last year’s trip to New Orleans:

On last year’s trip, we also made a haiku video!

On this trip, we don’t stop laughing. Don’t believe me? Check it.

I will be sure to update how the entire trip goes!

Till next time,


Mikaela Kelly

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