Taylor Hampton

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What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when coming to Juilliard?

I have learned a lot about time management and prioritization since I have been at Juilliard. I had to adjust the way I think about prioritizing my assignments. Being a Juilliard student means realizing you’re going to have a lot of work, and it is your responsibility to put the things first that are most important to you, while still getting everything done.

Is Juilliard what you expected it to be like?

Yes and no. I expected an intense environment and a big workload. I also expected the school to be pretty cold and unfriendly. While Juilliard entails a lot of work, I have found the students, the faculty, and the general atmosphere to be very inviting and supportive.

If you have 30 free minutes during the day, how do you spend it?

I would probably do some homework or reading for a class, or I might just hang out with a group of friends and relax for a few minutes. 

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Triple Threat...Dancer, Blogger, and Wannabe Musician

Triple Threat...Dancer, Blogger, and Wannabe Musician