February Blitz

February is a busy month in the Drama Division. Each group is steeped in their classes and rehearsals, making for long days and short nights. The bitter cold and snow barricades us inside the school, so the flu and colds spread like wildfire. Nonetheless, we emerge at the end of the third quarter with the Fourth Year Repertory, Third Year Cabaret, Second Year Jesse Perez Project, and First Year American Contemporary projects. 

Huge congratulations to Group 44 on three wonderful plays in rep: The Goat, Or Who is Sylvia?, Macbeth, and Metamorphoses. Inspiring work all around from the talented fourth years! 

Shout out to the amazing Group 45 on a killer Cabaret! It's one of my favorite events every year and they brought the house down.

Group 46 was fantastic in The George Sauders Project, conceived for them and directed by Juilliard alum Jesse Perez.

And most of all, I'm so proud of the work that our Group 47 did. It was our first crack at a roles in a directed rehearsal project. We learned and grew so much with these plays and it was thrilling to watch the other half of my group in their showing. Now we're ready for spring break! 

The cast of Stop Kiss by Diana Son, directed by Vivienne Benesch.

And the cast of All My Sons by Arthur Miller, directed by Jenny Lord. 

Words of Advice

Words of Advice

Taylor Hampton