Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Hey guys!

You have probably heard about what happened here last week.  There was a terrible snowstorm!  School got cancelled for a day and a half!  Except there was no snowstorm. I’m not just saying that because I’m from Iceland, but not only was there no storm, the weather was actually gorgeous on Tuesday!  The fact that we didn’t have classes was a bit hilarious, but it was great!  We got some unexpected time to catch up on our homework, practice, sleep and do all sorts of stuff.  More importantly, we all got to go outside, have some fresh air and make a snowman!  It turned out to be the short break everyone desperately needed!

Here is how Juilliard students spent their snow day! 

1)   Organizing our dorm room!

Yup, it took me this long to finally figure out how to maximize space and use this tiny closet to store all my stuff!  I got bag holders, a shoe holder, jewelry holder, some extra boxes and special hangers that can hold many different clothes at the same time.  Now, my room is finally clutter free and I can actually find everything right away! :)

2)  Central Park!

It was so nice out there.  There were plenty of children (and grownups!) playing around in the snow.  It was just such a surprising, nice escape from the stress.

3) Hot chocolate and movies!

Nothing is better than curling up with your best friends over a cup of hot chocolate and a funny movie, especially when you have a good excuse to do so, because there is a terrible “snowstorm” outside! 

This funny, unexpected situation, ended up being the highlight of the week!  Everybody got to rest, unwind and have some fun! 

If we have a snow day again next year when you guys come, we’ll make sure to plan some fun activities! :)

Until next time,


Angela K.

Angela K.